About assessment tests

If you are called in for an assessment, we will need to do further tests, such as extra mammograms, an ultrasound and needle biopsy. These tests will help our doctors check whether breast changes are harmless or due to cancer. The tests are carried out by a team of specialists and are free.

At your assessment appointment, doctors will carry out further tests on your breast(s). These tests can include:

  • Further breast x-rays. More x-rays of your breast may be needed. These may not be the same as the mammogram we took before, as they will focus on the area of the breast we need to check.
  • Breast ultrasound. This is a painless test using sound waves to check your breast tissue.
  • Clinical breast examination. A doctor will check for any changes in the breast that can be seen or felt.
  • Other tests (e.g. needle biopsy). After some or all of the above, a small number of women will need other tests such as fine needle aspiration or core biopsy. These tests use a needle to take a small sample of cells and/or tissue from the part of the breast that needs checking.

More information about these tests can be found at Cancer Australia.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time, you are welcome to call the BreastScreen program on 13 20 50 or the local number which you have been given. Ask to speak to a nurse or counsellor.


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