Specialist Team

Our assessment clinics are managed by a professional team of assessment specialists. We will explain any tests that you require when you visit the assessment clinic. You should ask as many questions as you need, so that you understand the different tests and processes.

Our skilled specialists can include:

  • Nurse or counsellor. The nurse or counsellor will help you to understand any information that your assessment specialists are telling you. She will also provide a friendly ear and is available to listen to your concerns before, during and after your assessment visit.
  • Radiographer. The radiographer is a specialist in breast imaging. She will take additional x-rays of your breast(s).
  • Radiologist. The radiologist is a specialist doctor who will look at x-rays of your breasts. The radiologist may perform an ultrasound or other tests (e.g. needle biopsy) if needed.
  • Surgeon. The surgeon is a specialist doctor who may perform a clinical examination of your breasts.
  • Breast physician. The breast physician is a specialist doctor who specialises in breast health. The breast physician may perform an ultrasound or other tests if needed.



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