Your mammogram results

When the doctors have finished looking at your x-rays, you will receive a letter from us telling you about your results and what you should do next.

Most women who have a mammogram with us will receive a normal result letter. Less than 10% of women will be asked to return for further tests.

Sometimes we might ask you to come back and have your screening mammogram again, before we can give you your results. This could be for technical reasons, and we will explain why you might need to have a mammogram again when we contact you.

Your doctor will also receive this information if you have given us their details. Please ensure we have those details. We encourage you to share your details with your doctor. Please provide us with their details at your appointment so we can send them your results. 

Please call the BreastScreen program on 13 20 50 if you do not understand what your results letter is asking you to do, or if the meaning is unclear.


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