Information for women with health conditions or disability

Most women with a health condition or disability are able to have a mammogram. Many of our screening centres are accessible, and our staff are experienced in helping all women to feel comfortable.

On occasion a woman may have a health condition or disability which prevents a radiographer (person taking the x-ray) from being able to position her for a mammogram. Women who think their condition may limit the ability to perform a mammogram should speak with a GP or call a BreastScreen operator on 13 20 50.

General Information

  • A carer, friend or family member is welcome to attend the appointment with you.
  • Guide and assistance dogs are welcome at the appointment.
  • Assistance is available to women with intellectual disability.
  • We can liaise with local disability services to arrange support to attend your appointment.
  • More information for women with disability is available in our brochure 'BreastScreen information for women with disability'.

Women with physical disability and/or a health condition that affects their ability to position themselves, for example, due to limited arm movement, are encouraged to speak to a BreastScreen operator by calling 13 20 50 to book their appoinment.

Wheelchair accessibility

  • Most of our screening centres and mobile vans provide wheelchair access. To find your nearest accessible centre you can search the BreastScreen Directory or speak to a BreastScreen operator by calling 13 20 50.
  • Women in wheelchairs can have their mammogram while seated. However, it is important that you can independently hold your head up, and hold your arms clear of your chest.
  • We provide longer appointment times to meet your needs. Please let us know about your specific requirements at the time of making your appointment.

Hearing and speech impairment

If you are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment, you can contact us through the National Relay Service.

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