Women with breast implants

Most women with breast implants can have screening mammograms. The radiographer may use special techniques to take clear x-rays of breasts with breast implants. Our staff are specially trained in using these techniques.

Please make sure to tell us that you have breast implants at the time of making your appointment. 

Are screening mammograms effective for women with breast implants?

Like many other medical tests it is not 100% accurate. Breast implants can cover some of the breast tissue, which may make it more difficult to find small breast cancers.

Are screening mammograms safe for women with breast implants?

Each screening mammogram uses a very low amount of radiation. As you have implants, we need to take extra x-rays. This means that you will get slightly more radiation than if you didn’t have implants. The latest technology used by BreastScreen NSW ensures minimal exposure to radiation.

There is a very small chance that having a mammogram could make worse any existing split or leak in your implant. It could cause your implant to split or leak, or break up any scar tissue that may have grown around your implant.

Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.



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