The role of health professionals in breast screening

Evidence shows that women are more likely to be screened for breast cancer if their general practitioner encourages them. Although a referral isn’t essential, health professionals are fundamental to encouraging women to book a screening mammogram.

Promoting breast screening

Women do not need a referral to attend BreastScreen NSW; however a health professional’s recommendation is highly influential in a woman's decision to have a screening mammogram.

We have a referral pad that can be used to recommend breast screening to your patients.  We also have a range of brochures, posters and other printed materials available to inform women about breast screening.

When your patient provides us with your details as her primary healthcare provider, we will keep you informed throughout her screening and assessment process.

You can find all of the screening centres available in your area by searching the BreastScreen Directory.

Why BreastScreen NSW?

  • Our services are closely monitored to ensure they comply with the BreastScreen Australia National Accreditation Standards. The standards are evidence based and draw upon experience in breast cancer screening in Australia and overseas.
  • Each Screening and Assessment Service is equipped with the latest digital mammography equipment — ensuring that mammograms are of the highest quality, with minimal dose of radiation.
  • To ensure timely results, images from remote screening centres are transmitted to central readings rooms for reading by our expert radiologists.
  • All mammograms are independently read by at least two expert readers. 





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