Online resources for health professionals

These sites have been selected for their relevance to mammographic screening, breast cancer, further research, or women's health.

BreastScreen Australia Program 

Cancer Australia


Canrefer is an online directory set up by the Cancer Institute NSW to help GPs, other health professionals, patients and their family members find cancer services by cancer type and location in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

Cervical Screening NSW

eviQ: cancer treatments online

eviQ Cancer Treatments Online is a point of care clinical information resource that provides health professionals with current evidence based, peer reviewed, best practice cancer treatment protocols and information.  eviQ is relevant to the Australian clinical environment and can be accessed free 24 hours a day.  eviQ is designed to support a busy work flow in all clinical and geographical settings, allowing rural, remote and metropolitan health professionals, patients, carers and their families access to the same standard evidence based information.

National Bowel Cancer Screening Program


NBOCC Familial Risk Assessment Tool

An online tool for health professionals for familial risk assessment of breast and ovarian cancer.


Patient question prompt list

The Cancer Institute NSW in consultation with health professionals has developed question prompt lists that help individuals to get the information they want about their illness and possible treatment options. Prompt lists are available for medical/radiation oncology, surgery, haematology and complementary therapies.

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