Supporting Your Patients

By supporting your patients and encouraging them to participate in breast screening, you can make a key difference in the decision to attend a screening mammogram.

Why Women Need Your Support in Screening

Some women are reluctant about having a screening mammogram. They may be embarrassed about the nature of the procedure, or feel anxious about pain or discomfort.

By supporting your patients and encouraging them to participate in breast screening (if it’s appropriate for them), you can make a key difference in a woman’s decision to attend a screening mammogram.

Explaining the Screening Mammogram Process

One of the best ways to support your patients in breast screening is to provide them with clear information on the mammography process -  particularly if they have concerns about the experience.

Using statements such as these will help women prepare for their appointment and may reduce their level of concern:

“A female radiographer will help you get comfortable – when you’re ready, the x-ray machine will press firmly on your breasts to take a picture”

“Your mammogram appointment will only take 20 minutes. However, your breasts will only be compressed for a few seconds - twice for each breast”

“You can talk to your radiographer about any discomfort or sensitivity. You can also ask them to stop the procedure at any time.”

After Your Patient’s Screening Mammogram

If your patient requires further tests following her screening mammogram and has given your details to BreastScreen NSW, we will provide you with comprehensive information on her results, progress updates during the assessment  and, if appropriate, details of diagnosis.

The way that patient’s results are being delivered is changing. From October 2018 BreastScreen NSW is gradually rolling out the delivery of electronic results across the state. Practices with compatible software can expect to receive a notification directly from BreastScreen NSW informing of them of the date from which electronic results will be enabled.

Please note that Assessment Outcome Reports for clients who have undergone biopsy or who require surgical management will continue to be delivered via post/fax.

The pre-requisites to receive BreastScreen NSW results electronically include:

  • have an active account with Medical Objects or HealthLink
  • use either Medical Director or Best Practice software; and
  • be based in NSW or border sharing locations.

Once secure messaging from BreastScreen NSW is enabled at your practice, the following results will be delivered electronically to your practice software, and will no longer be delivered via post:

  1. Normal Result: No evidence of breast cancer detected
  2. Normal Result: No evidence of breast cancer detected, but a breast change was reported; GPs to follow up
  3. Return to Assessment: Client to attend BreastScreen NSW Assessment Clinic
  4. Assessment Outcome Report of clients who have NOT undergone biopsy.

If your practice does not have the above-mentioned prerequisites, it will be unaffected by this change and continue to receive all BreastScreen NSW results via post/fax.



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Patient Brochure

Your Appointment with BreastScreen NSW provides women with information on what to expect before, during and after their screening mammogram.

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