National Accreditation Standards (NAS) Training Resources

A collection of resources has been developed to support staff working in breast screening when preparing for accreditation.

E-learning Modules 

The six modules below are suitable for staff ranging from administrative, to clinical and executive roles in Screening and Assessment Services (SASs) and the State Coordination Unit (SCU), as well as members of Discipline Quality and Leadership Groups, the State Quality Committee and the Accreditation Review Group.

Each module takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and is a handy tool when getting ready for the accreditation survey, for the induction of new staff members, or for anyone wanting to familiarise themselves with the NAS.

1. Introduction to the NAS
2. The Standards – content and structure, definitions and interpretations
3. Roles and Responsibilities – who’s who and the key players in accreditation
4. The Accreditation System – processes, surveys, teams and quality improvement
5. Applying for Accreditation – phases, activities, expectations and feedback
6. Accreditation Outcomes – decisions, risk levels, appeals

Key Documents


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