Breast health and breast screening facilitator manual

Breast health and breast screening facilitator manual

This education tool has been developed for use by multicultural health and community organisations, including the Bilingual Community Education (BCE) program. The purpose is to provide information on breast health, breast screening and breast cancer to women from different cultural backgrounds. Particularly those eligible to participate in the BreastScreen NSW program.

Breast screening educational resources

The BreastScreen NSW ‘Breast Health and Breast Screening’ presentation, flipchart and facilitator manual support education sessions about breast cancer and breast screening to women from different cultural backgrounds.

The resources are free and will assist health workers to educate women about breast cancer, risk factors and the importance of breast screening every two years between the ages of 50 to 74.

The resources are currently available in English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Korean and Vietnamese.

The facilitator manual provides guidance about planning and delivering a breast screening education session. It includes a planning checklist, suggested content and key messages, optional activities and group discussion points.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding these resources please email us.

How to access these resources

The resources are available in PDF and PowerPoint by clicking the download option below the image of the resource.

  • Printed A3 sized flipcharts with an inbuilt stand are available to organisations in NSW (limited to one of each language per organisation).
  • Facilitator manuals are also available for order in hard copy (recommended one per educator).

To order, please select order printed copies and enter the required quantity.

Please note: as these resources are specially designed and printed, orders may take longer than 10 business days.

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