Your Mammogram Appointment

A mammogram appointment with BreastScreen NSW only takes 20 minutes - and it's free! Find out what happens at a breast screening appointment.

The Breast Screening Process

Wondering what happens at a screening mammogram appointment – or feeling a little apprehensive about what to expect? Watch our video to find out more about the breast screening process.

Checklist Without Tick Breastscreennsw Icon 9 FA 09 Before Your Mammogram

 There are a few simple things you’ll need to do before your screening mammogram appointment, including: 

  • Fill out the relevant forms (if required)
  • Make sure you have your previous breast x-rays, if your last breast screen wasn’t with BreastScreen NSW
  • If you have any concerns about breast screening call 13 20 50 to talk to a BreastScreen team memberor speak to your doctor beforehand.

View our Breast Screening Checklist to prepare for your screening mammogram >

Mammogram Breastscreennsw Icon 7 FA 07 On the Day

Your screening mammogram appointment will only take about 20 minutes. Here’s what you can expect when you attend your breast screen:

  1. A staff member will collect your forms and talk you through what will happen in your screening mammogram.
  2. Your female radiographer will take you into the x-ray room, where you can remove your top in private.
  3. The radiographer will help you get into a comfortable position. Then, when you’re ready, the x-ray machine will press firmly on each breast to take at least two x-ray pictures.

Some women find this pressing uncomfortable, but any discomfort usually only lasts for a few seconds. If you feel uncomfortable, tell your radiographer, who can stop the procedure at any time.

Woman Having Her Mammogram With Health Professional

Envelope Icon After Your Screening Mammogram 

Once your screening mammogram is complete, you’ll be told when you can expect to receive your results (usually around two weeks later).

If you’re worried while waiting for your results, call BreastScreen NSW on 13 20 50.

Don't Keep it to Yourself

It’s important to talk to your radiographer if you have any questions or concerns during your screening mammogram – for example, if you have sensitive breasts.

Your radiographer will work with you to ensure the breast screening process is as comfortable as possible. You should tell her if you feel any discomfort during your screening mammogram and you can also ask her to stop the procedure at any time.

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Good to Know

All the staff who’ll be directly involved with your BreastScreen appointment will be female - from the receptionist to the radiographer.

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