Getting Your Mammogram Results

You’ll receive a letter from BreastScreen NSW with the results of your breast screen. This will tell you if your results are normal or if you need further tests.

What Happens When You Receive Your Results?

About two weeks after your screening mammogram, you’ll receive a letter from BreastScreen NSW with the results of your breast screen.

This letter will outline one of the following:

Thumbs Up Icon Your breast screen results are normal

This is the most common scenario, with more than 90% of women receiving a normal result.

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Health Professional And Woman Discussing Breast Screening

Stethoscope Icon We need to do some further tests

Sometimes – for less than 10% of women - we’ll need to conduct further tests. This is called ‘assessment’.

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Mammogram Icon You need to retake your screening mammogram

Very occasionally, we might ask you to come back and have your screening mammogram again before we give you your results. This might be due to technical reasons – we’ll explain the reason in your letter.

It’s a good idea to ensure your doctor is aware of your screening mammogram results, which is why we encourage you to provide BreastScreen NSW with their details at your appointment.

Question Mark Icon Unsure what your results mean?

If you don’t understand what your results letter is asking you to do – or if anything is unclear – give the BreastScreen team a call on 13 20 50.

BreastScreen NSW is working to offer improved options for receiving your results, including eletronically where clinically appropiate. 

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