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Two diverse women laughing at the beach, possibly discussing a breast screen appointment.

What is a breast screen?

Radiographer screening a woman

Breast screens (also known as mammograms) are x-rays of your breasts to check for cancer.  

A breast screen can find cancers that are too small to see or feel.1536 It can find cancers as small as a grain of rice, before you or your doctor can detect any changes in your breasts. For women aged 50–74, a regular breast screen is the best way to find cancer early.1550 

Breast cancer treatment is most successful when the cancer is still small and has not spread to other parts of the body. Treatment is often less invasive, survival rates are better, and women can get back to their normal lives more quickly.1536  

Screening with BreastScreen NSW 

piggy bank icon Is free 
two females icon All radiographers are female  
Clock icon Takes just 20 minutes 
Medical suitcase icon Requires no referral   
Location pin icon Is available in more than 250 locations around NSW 
Person in sensor icon Uses high quality imaging equipment with minimal radiation 


A mammogram image of category B breast tissue

An example of a normal breast screen

Each screen may look a little different because all breasts are a little different.

Find out if you are eligible to screen with BreastScreen NSW. 

Find out the risks of breast cancer.

What to expect before during and after your breast screen.