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A female radiographer supporting a woman in her 50s while she has a mammogram.

Breast implants and screening

Can I have a mammogram if I have breast implants? 

Most women who have breast implants can have regular breast screens (also known as mammograms).  

Please let us know about your breast implants when booking and again at your appointment.  

Our female radiographers are specially trained in obtaining the best images possible. It does not matter what type of implant you have or if it is inserted over or under your chest muscle. 

For women aged 50–74, a breast screen is the best way to find cancer early, including women with implants. 

Importance of regular mammograms even with breast implants icon

BreastScreen NSW radiographers are trained in taking mammograms for women with breast implants. The pictures below show how special techniques are used to image the breast tissue around implants.

Breast implant in place

Breast implant moved back

Breast implant in place

Breast implant moved back

Breast implants and breast cancer 

There is no evidence that women with breast implants are more likely to develop breast cancer.1526 Some implants have been linked to the development of a very rare lymphoma. The Australian Government continues to review and assess breast implants available in the Australian market.  


Radiation exposure 

Women with breast implants may need more x-rays to be taken. This means there is slightly more radiation exposure than women without implants. Breast screen machines use the smallest amount of radiation possible while still taking high-quality x-ray images. The benefits of a breast screen still outweigh any risks from radiation exposure. 


Damage to breast implants during breast screening 

During your breast screen, the radiographer uses special imaging techniques so that the least amount of compression is applied to the implant. There is a very small chance the breast screen could break up scar tissue that has grown around your implant. This is not harmful but could affect the shape and texture of your breasts. If you are concerned about this, speak to your doctor before you screen.  

If you are concerned about your breast implants, you should see your doctor. BreastScreen NSW radiographers provide a breast screening service only and cannot check breast implants for problems.