Past Campaigns

BreastScreen NSW campaigns are designed to encourage more women aged 50 to 74 in NSW to have free mammograms. Read below to find out about our past campaigns.

Kerri’s Story (2017)

This campaign featured the story of Kerry Welsh, a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 after a routine mammogram. Kerri didn’t have a lump, so her cancer could not have been detected by hand through breast self-examination. Without her mammogram, the cancer would not have been detected until it was much more advanced. The early detection of Kerri's breast cancer by mammogram improved her outcome - she lost her breast, but her doctor said that if she had left it much longer the outcome could have been much worse. The campaign was broadcast in 2017.

Find the NSW 2000 (2016)

This campaign highlighted that there were 2,000 women in NSW, aged 50-74, that may have breast cancer and not known it. This is because over 400,000 women between the ages of 50 and 74 had not had their recommended mammogram in the past 2 years.

The campaign was fronted by Jean Kittson, the comedian, writer and performer. It was implemented via Jean and other ambassadors, local events, and on social media throughout April 2016.

Take You Away (2009)

This campaign prompted women to think about the consequences of not having a mammogram and not detecting breast cancer early. It reminded women of the important role they play within family and how breast cancer would affect them.

The Facts (2009)

This radio campaign provided women with information about who is most at risk of developing breast cancer, what to expect when they visit BreastScreen NSW and addressed some of the common excuses, such as time and discomfort, women use to avoid having a mammogram.It was developed by BreastScreen QLD and was adapted with permission for NSW use. The ads were also translated into eight languages in addition to English.

My Reason to Screen (2009)

This campaign was developed by BreastScreen QLD and was adapted with permission for NSW use in 2009. It launched at a breakfast event with a small group of powerful, highly influential women from key cancer organisations, business backgrounds and media outlets.

These women pledged to unite to start a conversation and increase breast screening rates in NSW. Melissa Hoyer hosted the intimate discussion among panellists including breast cancer survivor Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Julie McCrossin and Professor Sanchia Aranda. The women highlighted their reasons to screen through real life experiences, and shared information to support breast screening awareness. Women were invited to make a pledge to improve breast screening rates on BreastScreen NSW social or by using the #myreasontoscreen hashtag.

Cherry and Pea (2008 & 2009)

This campaign reminded and encouraged women aged 50 to 69 (prior to the age range extension to age 74 in 20XX) to screen every two years, so breast cancers can be found in their early stage and appropriate medical treatment can be provided. It demonstrated that mammograms can find cancers when they are as small as a pea. Without screening, cancers are more likely to be noticed or felt when they are much more advanced - at around the size of a small cherry

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